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About Us

Who is HAI

HAI is a non-profit, non-governmental, community based organisation established in 2010 with a belief of social justice, social participation and social cohesion to address issues around social exclusion, poverty and lack of skills. HAI is committed to women empowerment, poverty eradication and social participation as a developmental tool.

HAI strives to work with other organisations, faith based organisations, businesses and private citizens. We are dedicated to build a just and safe environment to live in, helping people to rebuild their lives and walk in dignity looking forward to the ideal of African Renaissance. HAI is committed to improving the standard of living for our beneficiaries & co-workers; and to promote development and self-sustainability of our community projects.

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About HAI

HAI aims to uplift the standard of living in communities, rural and informal settlements by providing access to facilities for social coherence and justice. This will be done by formulating Centres of Excellence addressing issues impacting communities such as Unemployment; Protection of Orphans and Vulnerable children; Women and Youth Development; and Skills Development and Entrepreneurship. These are our Centres of Excellence.

HAI also aims to initiate building processes of community facilities through partnerships and participation of NGOs, community, businesses and government. HAI aims to involve the community in projects that affect them, giving them the power to initiate their own change and drive their own development. Community Dialogues are an essential component to bridging the gap, fostering understanding and acceptance on issues on the community’s agenda to motivate and facilitatechange.

Why Choose us?


• We envision a community which fosters harmony with each other to be the best that you can be.


• To create lasting solutions to poverty, social exclusion, and social injustice


• Service to others: HAI is committed to serve and provide assistance to the community of Ekurhuleni and beyond. • Involvement: Participate in community issues and projects. • Development: Believes in providing and exposing people to avenues of personal development and continuous learning • Diligence: We do everything with commitment, passion and professionalism • Innovation and resourcefulness: Come out with new ways and methods to problem solving and using available resource as solution mechanism and being resourceful at all times

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